Blind Safety / Child Safety

Helping you make your windows safe

When choosing your window blinds you want to know that it will complement your décor, give you privacy, and provide the shading from the sun that you require. 

If you have young children, we encourage you to also consider the small safety features that can be added to your blind, to help prevent chords or chains from posing a potential hazard. 

Make it Safe Options

Cord Cleat

Can be used with Vertical, Venetian, Roller, Pleated and Roman blinds. This simple device is attached onto the adjacent wall. The chords can then be completely wound round it, out of a child's reach. 

Cord Securing Clip

This 'P-Shaped' Clip can be used with Vertical, Roller and Roman blinds. Mount it onto an adjacent wall and secure the cord/chain so that the loop cannot be easily reached.