Made to Measure Roller Blinds

Roller Blinds continue to provide the most practical and economic style of window shading.  Their flexibility means the requirements normally experienced both in the home and the office are fully met.  The Collection combines the tones of contemporary weaves and textures with the exclusivity of traditional and designer prints.  All will add an extra dimension to any room. 

Roller Blinds continue to provide the most practical and economic style of window shading.

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Designer Roller Fabrics

Roller blinds provide the functionality and sophistication of a decorative window covering, while offering different levels of privacy and light control. 

Popular in practically every room in the house, roller blinds are appreciated for their durability and easy maintenance. 

Knight Shades offer a superior collection of plain, textured and patterned fabrics to suit all interior styles. 

A range of light filtering, room darkening and flame retardant materials are also available. Choose from our huge collection which ranges from plain basic polyester fabrics to dim out fabrics that are available in a rainbow colours.

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Blackout Blinds

Get a good night sleep...

...or Day

Blackout Blinds are the perfect choice for bedrooms. If you are a light sleeper, blackout blinds will help to eliminate the light from outside coming in and disturbing your sleep. They are also great for kids rooms reducing the chance of little ones getting up at sunrise and cutting out that late sun in the mid summer evenings. Blackout Blinds can also be used to reduce glare on your television and computer screen, meaning you can catch up on the latest shows or get on with some work without annoying sheen on your displays. 

Many of our Roller blinds feature blackout coatings, with a choice of colours and patterns suitable for all rooms. We have a great range of fabric just for kids too. Ask to see our full range with a home visit. 

blackout blinds

Senses Roller Blinds

Roller Blind Safety

If you want to make it safe, make it Senses.
No chains or loops make Senses 'Slow-Rise' the safer option.

The Senses 'Slow-Rise' is a chain and cord 'loop free' system making it one of  the safest roller blind systems  available on the market today. We also offer a standard chain operated Senses system with a full range of safety components and additional aesthetic features.

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The Senses Roller Blind System has been developed with a variety of options to suit every installation.


With Aluminium Facia

One touch operation of your blinds with adjustable tension and stop heights. 

Chain Operated

With Aluminium Facia

Get the same great look of Senses with a traditional chain operation. 


Without Facia

The same great build quality of Senses Rollers, but without the facia


Senses Roller Blinds come with a variety of finishing options

Matching/Contrasting Fabric Facia

Add the designer touch by selecting a matching or contrasting fabric to complement your blind. This can help to pick up accents within a room. 

Coloured ends and finials

Move away from standard white components with coloured end caps and finials, giving your blinds the polished look and feel you expect from a bespoke window covering. 

Scallops, Rings, Tassels and pulls

Add the perfect accessories to your blinds we have lots of options available, from Scallops to Pulls, Rings to magnets, Just ask one of our friendly staff for more details. 

intu roller blinds

Intu Roller Blinds System

The Intu Roller system is simply the most innovative and flexible blind system available.

Integrating neatly into all modern doors and windows. Intu has been designed for use throughout the home or business and enhances the look of any conservatory. Designed in the UK, over a quarter of a million intu blinds have been sold. 

INTU Roller Blinds

The design of the INTU Roller blind makes it particularly ‘child safe’, eliminating all hanging cord loops and chains. INTU Roller blinds can easily be installed in any home without the need for screws or holes, allowing them to be installed in minutes. Perfect for use in conservatories, the extensive range of fabrics gives you a wide choice of designs and styles to suit any room.

Roller Fabric

INTU Roller is available in over 250 roller fabrics, which come in a variety of styles and colours including prints and plains, textured and patterned fabrics.

Many of our fabrics also come with added energy efficiency and room darkening properties with blockout, solar reflective and fire retardant fabrics.

Our ASC fabrics have a reflective backing, which is the ideal way to insulate your home and reduce your energy bills.

INTU Roller Fascia

The unique design of the INTU Roller low profile fascia gives a sleek, modern appearance, taking the popular roller blind to a new level. The roller fabric is encased in the stylish fascia, enhancing the attractive finished appearance of the blind..