Senses Roller Blinds

Roller Blind Safety

If you want to make it safe, make it Senses.
No chains or loops make Senses 'Slow-Rise' the safer option.

The Senses 'Slow-Rise' is a chain and cord 'loop free' system making it one of  the safest roller blind systems  available on the market today. We also offer a standard chain operated Senses system with a full range of safety components and additional aesthetic features.

roller blinds from senses


The Senses Roller Blind System has been developed with a variety of options to suit every installation.


With Aluminium Facia

One touch operation of your blinds with adjustable tension and stop heights. 

Chain Operated

With Aluminium Facia

Get the same great look of Senses with a traditional chain operation. 


Without Facia

The same great build quality of Senses Rollers, but without the facia


Senses Roller Blinds come with a variety of finishing options

Matching/Contrasting Fabric Facia

Add the designer touch by selecting a matching or contrasting fabric to complement your blind. This can help to pick up accents within a room. 

Coloured ends and finials

Move away from standard white components with coloured end caps and finials, giving your blinds the polished look and feel you expect from a bespoke window covering. 

Scallops, Rings, Tassels and pulls

Add the perfect accessories to your blinds we have lots of options available, from Scallops to Pulls, Rings to magnets, Just ask one of our friendly staff for more details.