Wooden Blinds West Lothian

Wooden blinds are perfect for any room or window as they’re so versatile and add a touch of luxury to any home. Not only are they elegant and stylish they are also highly practical as they allow you complete control over the amount of light and privacy you wish to have entering your home. 

Our wooden blinds are available in a wide range of colours giving you to choice to pick the perfect blind which best matches your décor. 

To create a unique blind you can personalise your blinds with our wide range of blind tapes. 


Wooden Venetian Blinds

Wooden Venetian blinds are one of the top selling blinds available on the market today. Wooden Venetian Blinds offer a warm and inviting look to any decor and are the products of choice for most interior designers.

Wooden blinds are a fantastic investment as they are elegant and add style to any room of your home. One of their main advantages is their durability and are easily cleaned making them the perfect addition to any family home.

All of our wood blinds come standard with a tailored wood valance to cover the head rail.

There are a number of different slat sizes to choose from 25mm,35mm and 50mm.

wooden venetian blinds with tapes

Wooden Venetian Blinds With Tapes

When you are purchasing Wooden Venetian blinds, decorative fabric ladder tapes are an optional feature available on most of our Wooden Venetians. This is a popular add-on for customers as they add that little touch of class.

Why not add that extra personal touch and customise your blind with your own choice of ladder tape? Choose from many different colours to customise your own unique blind today.

Privacy wooden blinds

Privacy Wooden Blinds

Privacy Wooden Blinds are a fantastic option for homes which are looking for elegant and sophisticated blinds with innovative design. 

If you wish to have more privacy around your home, then these blinds offer the perfect solution as instead of using punching holes like traditional blinds they place a small discreet punch hole at the back of each slat for the best possible privacy.

Not only do privacy wooden blinds allow you to have that extra needed privacy they also use advanced technology through battery powered motors to allow you to control your blinds at the push of a button.