Curtains in a Range of Colours and Patterns

Combine Your Curtains With Matching Cushions & Furnishings

Choose your new curtains and matching cushions or furnishings in a range of fabrics, styles, colours and patterns to suit any home. Curtains are a practical and decorative addition to the home, and if the right curtains are chosen they can have a huge impact on the look and feel of any room. Take a look at a selection of the curtains we have on offer for you to choose from.

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Choosing the Right Made To Measure Curtains

Lighting & Privacy

Consider how much light you want to block out in the room. Curtains for a communal area like the living room can be sheer to allow more light in, whereas in bedrooms you might consider going for a heavier fabric that provides greater privacy and less natural light to filter through.

What Length of Curtain?

There are generally four lengths of curtain to choose from:

Touching the window sill - shorter curtains that just come in contact with the window sill.

Touching the floor - just coming into contact with the floor.

Breaking the floor - a longer curtain that spreads over the floor slightly.

Pooling at the floor - a much longer curtain that drapes over the floor.

Curtain Materials

Fabric is a key consideration when choosing your curtains. Knowing how the curtain is going to be used in the room is important before you choose a fabric. Lighter fabrics, such as linen or cotton create a light and airy feel in a room, whereas heavier fabrics like suede and velvet have a more dramatic and formal feel, as well as blocking out more light.

What Style of Curtain?

Finding the right style of curtain to complement your home’s decor is a very important consideration. Picking a colour or hue form the furnishings you already have in the space and use this to choose the curtains for the room, either in a bold solid colour or a creative pattern. For more subtlety you might consider a neutral colour and/or pattern.

Not Sure Which Curtains to Choose?

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