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Senses Blinds West Lothian

Allow yourself to live the life of luxury with Senses blinds. Our range is perfect for all homes from tech savvy individuals to elderly couples they are a perfect addition for all. Senses blinds cater for all to ensure ease and safety are a number one priority, with each product having Slow-Rise or Motorised options. 

Slow-Rise Senses Blinds are an innovative design which requires one small pull which allows the blind to retract by itself. Not only perfect for young families as there are no cords and cables involved but also for elderly individuals as the blinds are perfect for those affected by problems such as arthritis.

Motorised Senses Blinds are using advanced technology which allows you to stay in the comfort of your seat to move the blinds to your preference through the use of remote control.

Senses Mirage Blinds

Senses mirage blinds can add a touch of luxury to any room of your home. These blinds are the most advanced system which allows you to have the most control over light entering your home. Senses mirage blinds allow you full control so you can have your blinds sit in any position which ultimately helps regulate light.

With over 30 Mirage fabrics available there is a blind that will suit every style and taste. These blinds will add value to any property with their versatile and expensive feel whilst still being an affordable option for your home.

These versatile blinds can either be fitted in a standard chain or motorised format. Senses Mirage blinds are the perfect solution for any home as they are with our range of Child Safety components to ensure this system is also compliant with the Child Safety requirements of the legislation BS EN13120.

Senses Venetian Blinds

Senses Venetian Blinds

Senses Venetian Blinds are a fantastic addition to your home as they are a contemporary and stylish which add style to any room of your home. These blinds are perfect for all homes as they compliment any interior.

These blinds are available in a wide variety of colours from neutral tones for those wishing to achieve a more traditional look in their home, to bold and bright colours for more modern homes. These blinds are available with blackout and fire retardant properties allowing them not to be stylish but also a practical and safe choice for your home or business.