Living Room Blinds West Lothian

At Knight Shades we understand how important it is that you create a living room which is not only stylish and meet your individual tastes but also practical for your families needs.

The living room is where most families gather each night and where social gatherings take place, therefor it is a room that many take pride in. This is why we offer a wide range of blinds in various styles to meet every requirement you have.

Although it can seem daunting to choose the correct blind for your living room our experts are on hand to offer you a free design consultation where they will provide friendly, no obligation advice from our years of experience.

Cordless Blinds

For families it is recommended that they purchase blinds which are 'Safe By Design' which are in accordance with BS EN13120 which eliminates all cords and cables. Another factor is if anyone in the family has health issues such as arthritis then Slow- Rise blinds are perfect as they can easily be retracted with just one small pull making them the perfect solution.

If you wish to invest in a blind that is perfect for all the family we recommend the Senses blind range.

Living Room Blinds

Privacy blinds

A good starting point when deciding which blinds to invest in is to think about how important privacy is to you and your home. There are various reasons that the importance of privacy varies such as location of home and neighbours etc. The level of privacy you wish to have can direct you to the type of blind that best suits your requirements. 


Stylish blinds

Are you looking for an elegant and stylish blind that brings your living room together? You have to decide what the perfect balance is for your home that incorporates both style and practicality, by having a blind that is stylish but also practical and makes your home comfortable for use all year round. 

Living Room Blinds

Light Control

Another consideration is how much natural light you wish to have and how much control you wish to have with the light entering your home. This may vary in importance if you are worrying about glares and the sun bleaching your furniture.


Frequently Asked Questions

Which living room blinds offer the best levels of privacy?

Classic vertical blinds, offer unrivalled privacy. With a high degree of rotation, vertical blinds can be controlled with total precision, meaning you can block unwanted viewers without compromising on natural sunlight and fresh air.

Which blinds are best suited to a smaller living room?

Roman blinds are particularly suited to petite living rooms that have small windows. The blind sits neatly within the recess, without taking up valuable space. It also offers the colour, pattern and texture of high quality fabric, but without the excess material of curtains, which often overwhelm smaller rooms.

Which blinds offer the best light control?

Wooden blinds provide excellent light control, rotating up to 180 degrees. Whether your living room is modern, traditional, colourful, or country-cottage inspired, Wooden blinds will work a treat in your windows.