Intu Blinds Systems in West Lothian

Intu Blinds is the most innovative and flexible blind system available on the market today.

Integrating neatly into all modern doors and windows, Intu has been designed for use throughout the home or business and enhances the look of any conservatory. Designed in the UK, over a quarter of a million Intu blinds have been sold. 

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INTU Roller Blinds

The design of the INTU Roller blind makes it particularly ‘child safe’, eliminating all hanging cord loops and chains.

INTU Roller blinds can easily be installed in any home without the need for screws or holes, allowing them to be installed in minutes. Perfect for use in conservatories, our extensive range of fabrics gives you a wide choice of designs and styles to suit any room.

Roller Fabric

INTU Roller is available in over 250 roller fabrics, which come in a variety of styles and colours including prints and plains, textured and patterned fabrics.

Many of our fabrics also come with added energy efficiency and room darkening properties with blackout, solar reflective and fire retardant fabrics.

Our ASC fabrics have a reflective backing, which is the ideal way to insulate your home and reduce your energy bills.

INTU Roller Fascia

The unique design of the INTU Roller low profile fascia gives a sleek, modern appearance, taking the popular roller blind to a new level.

The roller fabric is encased in the stylish fascia, enhancing the attractive finished appearance of the blind.