Vertical Blinds In West Lothian

Verticals Blinds are both versatile and practical as they achieve the perfect balance of maintaining privacy while letting light filter through your home. Vertical blinds are perfect for all family homes, as not only do they look great, but are highly durable and require very low maintenance making them ideal for busy homes.

Vertical blinds are fantastic for sliding doors, bay windows and conservatories where large expanses of glass reduce your home’s energy efficiency. Installing vertical blinds can help insulate your home against the heat and cold.

Knight Shades offer a range of fabrics that elevates vertical blinds to a new level of home fashion. Featuring a wide range of modern colours, chic textures and beautiful patterns to enhance any room. 

Vertical blinds-in- West-Lothian

Fabric Vertical Blinds

Our fabric vertical blinds make your house feel like a home by adding warmth and style. Fabric Vertical Blinds look fantastic, but they are also highly practical as they block out direct sunlight. 

These blinds are the perfect addition to any room and are available in a wide variety of colours and styles to specifically suit your home and lifestyle.

PVC Vertical Blinds

PVC Vertical Blinds are elegant, clean and minimal and look stunning in any environment. They’re completely free hanging and their rigid slats eliminate the need for chaining slats together. When used with the new twist and pull mono control wand, vertical blinds can finally be completely chord free. 

PVC Vertical Blinds are extremely hard wearing and durable therefore are the perfect solution for large windows like patio doors. They are the perfect addition to family homes as grubby finger marks, muddy dogs and spillages can be wiped off effortlessly. 

They also act as a blackout blind, helping reduce glare from screens, or blocking out the sun for people in need of a good nights sleep. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I fit Vertical blinds in a square bay window?

Yes, the best thing to do to ensure a good fit is to order the largest blind first across the front of the window, then order the side window blinds. Our fitters can provide expert advice on the actual fitting of the blinds.

Which is the best Vertical blind fabric for my patio door?

We recommend a Vertical blind, all of our fabrics in our range would be suitable as they offer total privacy, reduce the glare, and create a shade to save your furniture from fade.

Not all of my vertical louvres are rotating to the closed position, what advice can you give?

Our Vertical blinds are designed to realign, so all you have to do is rotate them into the closed position with the beaded cord. When closed pull harder on the cord and continue until they are all in the closed position. This sometimes occurs if the louvre is caught on something.

Can you supply a Vertical blind that is outside your maximum width?

It may be possible, please contact us with more details and we’ll try to help you.