Five Reasons You Need New Window Blinds For 2017

Windows are often neglected and the last things left on the refurb list. However, they have an important role to play in terms of light and privacy control, and also on an aesthetic level. You’ll want your window coverings to match both your furnishings and your personal taste, so what you put on your windows count.

New Window Blinds in 2017

If you’re toying with the idea of blinds instead of curtains for the new year, then go with it. Blinds will offer a fresh, minimalist look that will help keep out light when you need it too and keep warmth in during the colder months. In summer, it’ll keep the strong rays of the sun out on particularly hot days.

We’re going to be looking at five reasons why you need new window blinds in 2017 and we can’t wait to get started. Read on to find out why blinds are the new curtains for your windows this year.

1. Creating a warm inviting interior that helps insulate the room and shut out cold weather.

Put up some blinds and shut out the winter, create an atmosphere of warmth and welcome. Blinds aren’t just about austerity and minimalism, they can really help create a comfortable, cosy area in which to sit and relax.

2. Cool or warm – blinds to do both jobs well

If it’s cold outside, when you have blinds you’ll be warmer, and the room will be more insulated, when it’s hot, your blinds can help block out the heat from the sun. Sometimes, it’s hard to find a balance and with that in mind, you can have blinds which help keep a constant temperature, so you don’t lose heat or feel too cold. Some blinds also come with UV protection, so you’ll have protection from burning, the sun can burn through glass and through fabric curtains, but blinds can offer protection from this if they’re carefully line with the right materials.

3. Privacy, security and noise reduction

Blinds are very good at reducing noise and giving you the right amount of privacy when its needed. Rather than only close part of the window or, as what usually happens with curtains, they only close off the sight of the window but not the noise and privacy, blinds give you both. You can have them fitted to the windows perfectly, so when they are closed there’s no part of the window exposed. Because blinds are so good at shutting out light there also good at shutting out prying eyes, so if you have certain items which are of significant financial worth, blinds will give your windows the right kind of coverage, protecting you from potential burglary.

4. Versatility and choice

Blinds give you so much choice, with a multitude of choices. There’s Venetian, Roman, Velux, Intu, Panel and Vertical and in a multitude of different fabrics, patterns, textures and colours so you can have your blinds match the style, colour and furnishings of your chosen room. You can even have metallic blinds that offer a nice shimmer, great for winter or all year round if you fancy it.

5. Blinds can really transform a room

Even if you didn’t really refurbish a room in its entirety, blinds can really transform a room completely. A set of new blinds that match certain aspects of the room can make a dramatic difference, freshening it up and giving a modern appeal.

So, there you have it, five good reasons why you should give new blinds a go in your home and really transform the space. Get in touch with us here at Knight Shades if you’d like to ask us any questions about what we’ve discussed today.

Martin SweenyComment