Choosing Blinds For Bay Windows

Bay windows are a five-star feature of every home that has them. They’re strongly associated with Victorian houses and offer beautiful views and relaxing, cute box seats for those lazy cool summer days when it’s a little too cold to read outside, or a rainy afternoon in spring when you just want to curl up and read a book and watch the world go by.

The Perfect Window

A big beautiful bay window has so many possibilities – the perfect corner for the Christmas tree, the best place for a window seat, and the best place to catch the sun’s rays on a beautiful warm spring day. Projecting outwards from the walls of your house they provide space and that little bit of extra room to do something with. There are different types of bay window, from multifaceted through to bow, and they can look dramatic with curtains, but for those seeking a more streamlined, contemporary look, blinds may be the option you’re looking for.

Never doubt that you can have blinds on a bay window, no matter how unusually shaped they may be. Here at Knight Shades we can create the perfect bespoke blind that sets your bay window apart and makes the best of that special part of the room.

Made to Measure Blinds

These come in all shapes, colours and patterns, and naturally you’ll want something that not only fits in with the colour scheme and theme of your room, you’ll also want it to fit in with your personal style. Roman blinds are a natural choice for bay windows for many, simply because each segment of your bay window can have a blind attached to it for smooth and easy coverage.

Vertical Blinds

another option for a bay window area, you can use a curved head rail so the blinds fit well into the recess of your bay window segments.

Roller Blinds

These in a lightweight material can again be fitted against each segment in your window so you can let plenty of light in.

Curtains AND Blinds

If you really want more than just blinds, and after all a bay window can allow more heat to escape due to the amount of glass used, you could use curtains as well. This really gives you ample opportunity for some doubling up of plain/patterned colours and textures. You’ll get the extra insulation you need and a really dramatic look.

Knight Shades – For Perfectly Fitted Blinds

Get in touch with us here at Knight Shades if you’re looking for made-to-measure bespoke blinds for your cherished bay windows. We can send someone out to measure them or you can come in with your own measurements. We can’t wait to help you fit the perfect blinds so you can enjoy that special corner seat – whatever the weather.

Martin SweenyComment