How To Choose Kitchen Blinds

Like bathroom blinds you’ll find that there are certain consideration for kitchen blinds that are unnecessary for any other part of the house. The reasons for this is due to the amount of moisture, humidity and condensation they are subject to. This means that a certain amount of thought needs to go into the kind of fabrics you choose.

You Want Long-Lasting and Stylish Blinds For Your Kitchen

Choose the right ones and you’ll have some long-lasting blinds that are durable, long-lasting and fabulous. So, what kind of fabric is suitable for kitchen blinds then? Don’t worry, choosing waterproof blinds doesn’t mean you’ll have to have dull, boring blinds in the kitchen, we have plenty of delicious colours, textures and patterns for you to choose from.

Do a Lot Of Cooking?

If you do a lot of cooking in the kitchen then you’ll want something that doesn’t hold on to those cooking smells, and you’ll also need them to be water resistant too. Wood won’t be an ideal choice because timbre will warp and crack due to the amount of moisture in the kitchen.

Roller and Roman blinds

Roller and Roman blinds are probably the perfect choice due to the fact they both can be made completely of water resistant fabric. If you have a kitchen door as well as windows, you could have a fitted blind which complements the window blinds. It can be a contrasting colour, they don’t have to be identical. You can pick a colour that is present in the rest of the kitchen or in a pattern combination in your window blinds.

Faux Wood Puts Paid To Warping

We mentioned earlier that wood is probably not a great idea for window blinds, but if you decide to have slats in your blinds, then wood would probably be an ideal material and such a sophisticated look for your kitchen, especially if the windows are quite big. Don’t worry, it’s easy to get over that problem by having faux wood that’s also water resistant, and then that way you can have the whole wood look without worrying that they’ll warp.

Vertical and Roller Blinds for Those Subtle Behind-The-Sink Windows

Vertical and roller blinds are great for a window directly behind your sink and water resistant fabric will protect them from moisture and condensation. You can also have mould resistance in your blinds too, so that way you’ll have great blinds that won’t succumb to condensation or mould. That means your blinds are going to last a long, long time.

Knight Shades Kitchen Blinds - For Stylish Kitchen Blinds That Last.

We have an amazing range of blinds for your kitchen. They come in a versatile range of patterns, colours and textures that’ll not only compliment your kitchen colour scheme, but fit in with the overall decor of your home. Take a look around our site and get in touch with us here at Knight Shades and one of our team will talk you through your choices, and your kitchen blinds will be hanging from your windows in no time.

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