Winter's Here - What Are The Best Blinds For Your Home?

As winter approaches with freezing temperatures, snow, rain and hail, it’s the time of year where we all prefer the warmth of our homes. However, if your windows aren’t getting the proper coverage they need, you may not only be losing heat, you could also be paying higher energy bills and providing a bird’s eye view to all and sundry of what goes on in your home at night.

Blinds are the best kind of window coverage

Blinds are great for providing warmth, security, noise and privacy protection. Not only that, but their insulation keeps you warm in winter. Blinds are really for all seasons though. With a UV protective coating on their outside, protection is guaranteed from the sun’s UV rays. Alternatively, a blackout coating provides complete darkness at all times, particularly good for those working night shift, or for younger children who go to bed early of an evening.

Blinds to keep you warm in all weathers

Blinds come with all sorts of helpful additions to making them functional as well as stylish. For example, Thermal roller blinds are constructed with layers of thermal material to prevent heat loss.

Snug and comfortable fit

As blinds fit very close to the window frame, there’s only a tiny gap for air to come through. With made to measure blinds, you get a really snug fit which helps reduce heat loss. Roman blinds, are similar, in fact, it’s just a matter of what style you prefer. Insulated blinds or honeycomb blinds, trap air within the material’s structure. This helps retain heat, and in summer, warm air doesn’t get in, so it stays cool.

You could also have window shutters, although of course, technically, these aren’t blinds as such. But they do provide insulation, contain thermal properties and shut out light and privacy, allowing you more control over both. Wooden Venetian Blinds keep rooms warm effectively. The thicker the slats the warmer the room is, although this can make your blinds a little heavy. They provide insulation and excellent coverage and the same amount of isolation whether the shutters are open or shut. Intu blinds come in a variety of different styles, and include insulation and/or thermal properties you’d need for winter. They simply work with a different mechanism to more conventional blinds.

Knight Shades Blinds – for every kind of quality blind for your home

We hope we’ve helped you identify blinds which might work for your home this winter, regardless of style or shape of window. You can have them in a standard fit or you can have them made to measure, which we can do for you, if you don’t want to do it yourself. Give us a call and we can talk you through your choices and keep your home nice and warm this winter.

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