Thinking Of New Business Blinds?

Thinking of new blinds for your business, maybe as part of a re-branding exercise, or a new look for the New Year. A change of brand is a great opportunity to also change the look and feel of your workplace interior. As part of your re-branding project you’re maybe rethinking your colours, logo and even the font of your business title. It’s possibly something you’ve placed in the hands of a professional brand marketing team, but have you considered your office space? One of those things could be your blinds.

Business blinds - an important part of your new image

Window coverings play a very important part. What people see from the outside can form their opinion on your business, so it’s important that you ensure your business blinds look professional at all times.

Window coverage counts for a lot

Business blinds should have a smooth, well-fitting coverage that enhances both what’s inside and outside of your window. At Knight Shades we have blinds to suit all kinds of businesses, whether it’s a small office or much bigger high street premises.

Adding those special features

We realise that where your commercial space is concerned there are many important factors to take into consideration. These can vary from fire retardant features and child protective blinds, through to more practical aspects such as wipe clean and stain resistant fabrics. Whatever your needs are we can help you.

Experienced in creating business blinds

With over 15 years’ experience Knight Shades is suitably informed when creating and designing blinds for a range of businesses. We’re always willing to carefully talk through options, without rushing you, and helping you to consider important things like fabric, the features we’ve mentioned above and colours, patterns and textures.

Mock-up of your new business blinds

After you’ve chosen your blinds, we can create a mock up of them - complete with your logo - so you can see how they’re going to look once they’ve been created. We make a habit of working with professional artists and designers when creating business blinds, so your finished coverage is exactly how you want it – creating the kind of impact you want your business to convey.

We’re experts when it comes to business blinds

If you’re looking to have blinds designed for your business, and you want to include your brand logo and colours then we can help. We have blinds for all kinds of commercial spaces, in different materials and different styles, so you have a fabulous range from which to choose from. We can also create a bespoke logo to place on to the blinds themselves. They’ll also be professionally measured and fitted by experts.

Knight Shades Edinburgh – brilliant business blinds created with expertise

If you’re looking for new business blinds and you’d like to talk to someone about it, we’re here to help. Just pick up the phone today and we’ll talk things through and get the ball rolling.

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