Why Choose INTU Blinds?

There are plenty of important reasons why you should choose INTU blinds. We’re going to be focusing on them in this blog to show you how innovative and flexible they can be. They’re really suitable for any room in your home and are particularly effective in conservatories. If you’ve a family with young children, you’ll be pleased to know there are also child proof versions in around 250 types of fabric, giving you plenty of choice, and also providing the option of being able to mix and match any theme you have going on in any particular room.

Energy efficient with room darkening properties make INTU blinds the perfect choice for families

You’ll also find that INTU blinds are extremely energy efficient too, with room darkening properties with blackout, solar reflective backing and fire-retardant fabrics so you and your family feel completely safe at all times. The blinds also adapt to the room’s temperature with light and privacy and control options.

Durable, functional, sleek and oh, so modern

As well as being durable and functional they also give the ultimate in sleek ultra-modern appearance and with no frame, INTU blinds hang from a head rail. They’re easy to operate with no need for free-hanging cord loops and are designed to work with all modern windows such as uPVC, including the tilt and turn type windows and glazed doors. The blinds can be installed and clipped into place within minutes and if you don’t want to do this yourself, Knightshades are more than happy to do it for you. We’ve already touched on how versatile and modern they are, but did you know that we also have an extensive range of colours, designs and finishes?

They’re ideal for conservatories

We touched on conservatories briefly at the beginning of this blog, the reason why they are so good for conservatories is because they’re designed to fit so seamlessly to the windows, within the frames. Whether it’s a bi-fold door, a tilt and turn window. Conservatories are notoriously over-exposed due to the large amount of glass, and this means you’re not only vulnerable to sunlight, but also to the prying eyes of your neighbours, their visitors and passers-by.

The snug fit INTU blinds give your windows means you can shut this out whenever you want to, giving you the privacy you desire as well as a reduction in drafts with minimal amount of light to escape. When you want it dark, it’s dark, but you can have a little light coming in if you wish, you’re the one in control.

With INTU blinds there are no hanging cords

Because there are no cords hanging from them means they’re ideal if you have children, and there’s no mess during installation either because there’s no drilling or screwing. In fact, they offer minimal fuss as well as a gorgeous minimal look for your windows. What’s not to like?

Knight Shades – for the best in INTU roller blinds

We’ll always go the extra mile to ensure you get the exact blind that suits the colours you’ve used and the theme you’ve chosen for your room. We prioritise customer service, so always ask if you’re unsure of anything, at Knightshades we’re always here for you, and can be contacted at any time.

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