A guide to choosing office blinds with Knightshades

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If you’re decorating an office for the first time or alternatively refurbishing an existing office space you’ll need to make sure it’s furnished so that it contributes to your team work environment in a positive way. You need to be able to control the amount of light that’s allowed in and you want it to be an area where it’s conducive to a happy workforce.

Office Blinds – things to consider

Solar Protection

If your office faces the sun, then you’ll have to factor this in when choosing office blinds. All kinds of problems can be caused by solar glare and light shining onto pc monitors, so you’ll need to make sure you choose blinds that are solar protective.


Make sure your team can have privacy when they need it with blinds that block out noise and external views, especially if you’re on a busy street.


You want office blinds that are aesthetically pleasing, durable and functional. They need to be easy to operate and be compliant with fire and health and safety regulations.


They’ll also need to be easy to clean, and durable enough to last many years so you get a return on your investment.


As well as complying with health & Safety regulations and being able to offer privacy and shelter from extreme light, you need to add energy costs to your list. Your blinds should help keep heat in during the winter and reduce air conditioning during the warm summer months.

Other factors to consider for Office Blinds:-

VDU Regulations – Control of solar glare must comply with VDU Regulations

Ease of Use – They should be easy to use and control for health and safety reasons, so that staff and use them effectively without damaging them or being prevented from using them.

Anti-Clatter Blinds – These are a good choice to reduce noise pollution when you have a window open.

Heat Control – keep the room cool and at room temperature and your staff will be a lot more comfortable – and get a lot more work done.

Safety – Your blinds need to be safe from harm to both your staff and visitors. Make sure you choose blinds that are safe enough to use for everyone.

Unusually shaped or larger windows – This can be a problem with fitted blinds. However, we can provide a made to measure service, or you can measure them yourself, and we can than provide extra fabric so your windows, regardless of shape or size, get the blinds they need, that are fitted perfectly.

External View – Allow for natural view in your blinds so that your staff get something to look at other than their desk!

Durability – You want your blinds to last so you get a return on your investment, we can guarantee that with our blinds you’ll get exactly that.

Sloping Windows – If you have sloping windows, we can make sure the blinds fit perfectly, regardless of shape or size - it is something you need to consider when ordering and we offer a made to measure service that can help you get those exact measurements.

Operation Access – Automated blinds are perfect if your windows are difficult to access. Talk to us about this and we can help.

To recap – here’s a checklist for choosing your office blinds

  • Control of light allowing external views but shielding eyes from solar glare

  • Compliant with both Fire and Health & Safety Regulations

  • Blinds that insulate in winter and reduce air conditioning in warm summer months.

  • Hygienic and easy to clean

Here at Knightshades we provide a made to measure service AND we can provide for all of the criteria above for perfectly fitted office blinds.

If you’re looking to fit office blinds – then get in touch by calling us or dropping us an email. We’re here to help and our professional, friendly team are on hand to take your call.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

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