New Senses Mirage

There are many different types of blind; roller blind, vertical blind, Venetian and more. Manufacturers are always trying to break the mould and put a new spin on to these blinds to make them more practical and appealing to the general public. An example of this comes in the form of the new Senses Mirage roller blind system available at Knight Shades Blinds Systems now.
What makes the Mirage blind different is that it features opaque bands arranged at intervals, similar to a Duo blind. These bands allow the blinds to be fully-open, half-closed or fully-closed by changing the width of gap between them as the blinds are lowered; providing greater control to the homeowner over the amount of light they are letting into their home. The Mirage blind is raised and lowered with either Child Safe chain or motorised operation.
Mirage blinds are available in a large variety of colours and come in a choice of over 30 types of fabric, allowing them to suit the needs of any customer. For further information about the Mirage blinds or any other blinds that we have available, then please get in touch with us

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