Why Choose Venetian Blinds?

Here at Knightshades we are experienced in both domestic and commercial installation of all of types of blinds, as well as tailored bespoke blinds that are designed to your personal specifications. We come with many years of experience behind us. We get a lot of our work via recommendations because that’s how good we are.

Have you decided on what type of blinds you want?

So if you’re looking to have blinds fitted in one or more rooms, then Knightshades are the right team to go with. You may have set your mind on one particular type of blind and wonder perhaps if this is the right one to go with. In this post, we’re going to talk about Venetian blinds and why they’re worth the investment. If you’re a school, then you may find this post particularly interesting, because Venetian blinds are perfect for schools.

Venetian Blinds – The Perfect Choice

Venetian blinds are great for schools, because they’re so good at keeping the sun out and keeping the warmth in during winter. If you’re in a class where the sunlight is an uninvited guest, then venetian blinds can be pulled down to completely block out the sun, so your lessons do not get any unwelcome distractions. They’re also very stylish without too much fuss and offer a classic covering for your windows.

Control and Privacy – Venetian Blinds

Unlike with curtains, blinds give you a control of light and privacy. If you already have blinds at your school or place of work, then you’ll know what we’re talking about. If you have a different type of blind then you may be interested in changing to venetian blinds. A great choice, because with the horizontal slats and a cord for lowering and retracting them, you can alter the angle of the slats and allow as much or as little light in as you require.

Venetian Blinds – Idea For Schools

If you manage a school then one of the advantages of having Venetian blinds is that they’re low maintenance, all they need is the occasional dusting and wiping over with a damp cloth, nothing more.

PVC Venetian Blinds – Versatility

Prices vary, with PVC coming in at the most affordable, with wood and aluminium coming in at the top of the range. Of the 3, wood is the next most popular material for aesthetic reasons, and because of its strength. It also fits in with most colour combinations and furniture.

PVC will last for years and is the least expensive material. PVC is also recyclable and what’s more it doesn’t warp, rot or fade. You won’t need to paint your PVC Venetian blinds as they keep their colour, unless of course, you want to.

Can’t Make a Decision – Get in Touch With Knightshades

If you’re thinking of buying Venetian blinds and you haven’t made a decision yet, get in touch with us here at Knightshades and we’ll do all we can to help answer your questions. If you want to go ahead, then we’d be pleased to provide your blinds for you. 

Don’t forget, you can have them custom made to your specifications, and if they’re for a school then you can have them made with a unique and uniform design for the entire school. 

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