PVC Vertical Blinds Guide

Everyone spent a few moments of their school days staring out of the window. We didn’t pay much attention to the fixtures, but as someone in charge of an educational environment you probably have a different way of looking at classroom windows. PVC vertical blinds can help you to create the safest, most convenient, and best educational experience for the pupils in your school.

Here’s why PVC vertical blinds are the right choice for any classroom windows.

Child Safe

Even a minor accident on the premises can have huge ramifications for your school. These could range from negative PR to the possibility of an expensive lawsuit. You don’t need a law to want to care for and look after the children in your charge, but nonetheless there are regulations you have to follow.

Our PVC vertical blinds are designed to meet the requirements of BS EN13120 guidelines. Their free hanging design uses rigid slats to eliminate the need for linking chains, and mono-cord control wands allow ease of operation while removing potentially dangerous chords. PVC vertical blinds create a safer classroom.

Highly Durable

Your window fittings will be put through a lot at the hands of your pupils – from spills and stains to wear and tear. Our PVC vertical blinds are designed and built to be incredibly durable. Not only are they built to resist knocks, they also wipe-clean for easy maintenance.

Blackout Function

Although a screen will often hold the attention of your pupils, there is also potential for outside distractions. You can never be entirely certain what might pass by your windows and steal the attention of your students. PVC vertical blinds are highly effective at blocking out light, which can help focus attention, reduce screen glare, and add atmosphere to creative lessons.

Create an Environment That Encourages Learning

PVC vertical blinds feature a stylish design and high quality materials. They will enhance any classroom in which they are installed. While it might seem like a small thing, even minimal changes made to update a classroom can make the room feel fresh. A stuffy old classroom doesn’t do any good for the mind or motivation, so inject a little style into your school and you are sure to find your pupils appreciate it.

Bespoke Design and Manufacture of Commercial PVC Vertical Blinds

Your school deserves the best quality fixtures and fittings, tailored to your specific needs, and delivered at highly affordable prices. You get all this and more when you come to Knight Shades. Get in touch today, and we will show you why we are highly recommended by our customers.

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