Blinds for Schools

Your school whether it’s primary or secondary, nursery or a modest toddler group will need window covering of some kind. Blinds are a good choice, as they are easy to clean, they’re more hygienic, and easy to open and close.

You’ll need them everywhere, not just in the classrooms, but in the offices and labs. The reasons for school blinds are many, you want to control the amount of heat that comes in, and to control sunlight so it’s easier to work.

Blackouts and dim-outs are also very useful for projectors and viewing screens. We take all of this into consideration when we’re fitting blinds for schools as we understand the type of requirements needed.

robust, safe and hardwearing SCHOOL BLINDS

Blinds are often heavily used in a school or nursery and naturally children are attracted to them – as a result they can become dirty, and after a while they’re in poor condition. Therefore, it’s important to have blinds that are robust and hardwearing and here at Knightshades we provide exactly that, combined with a maintenance service that includes repairs, giving your blinds more durability over the years.

Naturally, whenever you order blinds for your school or nursery, your immediate concern is child safety, particularly for younger children. All our blinds are child safe with cord and chain safety, and we can add them to your already existing blinds if you have them.

Made to measure school blinds

All the school blinds we install are made to measure and fit each individual window in your school. Whatever the requirements and individual needs of your school we can help, such as providing window controls.

We know that time is previous when you’re running a school and not only do you need robust, long lasting blinds you also need the fitters to fit in with your schedule. That’s not a problem, because here at Knightshades we offer flexibility, and we can suit your blinds when it’s convenient to you, either out of hours during the school term, or during the holiday period.

Technology, variety, style

Our school blinds are made using the very best technology so you can control the light levels in your classroom. What’s more, we offer an extensive range of colours and styles that are both practical and easy on the eye.

School blinds, school budgets

We understand that a school budget can sometimes be quite restrictive and keeping this in mind, we can provide an excellent, versatile range of blinds to suit the style of your school and the needs of each classroom, with a budget that meets your requirements.

Blinds for schools with Knightshades

Here at Knightshades a lot of our work is via recommendation, and this is because we’re good at what we do. We listen to our customer’s needs and we always try to meet them. We’re experienced in both domestic and commercial installation and our blinds are tailored to the customer’s requirements. That’s bespoke designs and manufacture at affordable prices. So if your budget is tight and you need safe, good quality blinds for your school, get in touch with us today.

Martin SweenyComment