Types of Roller Blinds

When it comes to decorating and furnishing your home, you want to have a choice. Every part of your home should be carefully picked to reflect your tastes and personality. It is no different with blinds, which can make a big statement and dramatically affect the feel of your house. Do you want something refined and elegant, or modern and bold?

Whatever your preferences, as highly recommended manufacturers and fitters of bespoke blinds in West Lothian, we are the ideal people to provide you with beautiful blinds. Our range covers many different types and styles of blind. Read on to find out more about our range of roller blinds in West Lothian.

Fabric Roller Blinds

A classic product. We make and install these for homes and offices all over central Scotland. Fabric roller blinds are easy to look after and make any room look fantastic. With a wide choice of materials and patterns on the market, we can easily create a bespoke set of blinds that bring new life to your home. Choose a neutral colour to match the scheme of your home, or pick a contrasting shade or pattern to really make a statement.

Blackout Roller Blinds

There’s nothing worse for light-sleepers than a bright bedroom. Even with your eyes shut you can still ‘feel’ that the room isn’t completely dark. Blackout roller blinds do exactly what the name suggests, giving you a peaceful, relaxing environment in which to drift off. Installing blackout blinds in their bedrooms will help keep the kids in bed past sunrise, or get them to sleep during those light-filled summer evenings.

They are also useful for film fans, who will appreciate a totally dark environment with no screen-glare in which to enjoy the latest blockbuster.

Senses Roller Blinds

Senses are very safe and very stylish. A clever mechanism removes the need for cords and chains. Simply pull down to the required height and the blind will stay in place. Give it a little nudge and the blind will slowly rise until it is completely out of the way. We can put these together with a range of materials and great finishes, including coloured end caps, rings, and magnets.

Intu Roller Blinds

Intu roller blinds are a stylish, simple and safe new innovation. Great for PVC windows and doors, they do not require screws or any holes to be drilled in order to fit them, simply popping into place. The whole process takes a matter of minutes. Intu blinds have been designed to have a low profile, blending into the rest of your window frame. Even the fascia is slickly designed for a minimalist look.

Like all the blinds we offer, Intu roller blinds come with a range of different fabric, colour, and pattern options. They are also very child-friendly, having no hanging cords or ropes.

Logo Roller Blinds

Make your windows work for your business. Closed blinds can seem uninviting – not if you jazz them up with your company logo or a message for your customers. We’ve got plenty of experience working with businesses across central Scotland, creating bespoke printed roller blinds in West Lothian that present a friendly and professional image. Logo roller blinds are the perfect way to capture the attention of passers-by, even when your business is closed.

If you want to find out more or are interested in having roller blinds fitted get in touch today.

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