The Benefits of Roman Blinds

Why Choose Roman Blinds?

As we know, blinds are a far better alternative to curtains and nets. They’re much easier to clean, they’re more hygienic and so helpful for those with allergies as they don’t collect as much dust and pollen as a conventional curtain or set of nets might.

Of course there are many different types of blinds, so why might you want to specifically invest in Roman blinds in West Lothian?

Well apart from their ability to look effortlessly elegant and stylish, they offer far more variety in terms of colour, material and patterns than you’ll ever find with traditional curtains.

Style, Colour & Fabric

You’ll find that Roman blinds offer such variety of style, colour and fabric that you’ll never want to go back to conventional curtains again. Whether your house is architecturally classic or modern, your interiors art deco or minimalist and modern, we’ll have the blind to suit and roman blinds are an excellent choice. They have a more classy and elegant look than most window coverings and offer an endless choice of colours as well as patterns. This means that you can match your décor perfectly.

Privacy With Roman Blinds

Roman blinds offer privacy in a way that curtains can’t while still remaining stylish and elegant. You can bring them down to the end of the window or you can have them half open – it’s entirely up to you how much light you allow into a room and how much of the world you want to allow into your home. If you live on a main high street, you’ll more than likely be grateful for the extra bit of control over how much light you allow in and the potential for people to peer into your windows.

Black Out & Reflective Backings

You can also order some black out shades if you want a more complete light blockage at night. This may be suitable for bedrooms where you may find difficulty sleeping with too much light coming in.

You can also have Roman blinds with reflective backings so it’ll keep you warm in winter, and cleverly during the summer they can reflect heat away keeping you cool during hot summer spells.

Knightshades Roman Blinds, West Lothian

Here at Knightshades we value both customer service and satisfaction and we’re not happy until you are. We’re a professional team of qualified and experienced blind specialists and we’ll always bend over backwards to make sure you’re happy with your blinds. We can measure your blinds for you, or you can measure them yourself and bring the measurements with you so we can fit your Roman blinds perfectly.

We’ll Have What You Want

Whatever style, colour, pattern or fabric you’re set on – we can probably provide it and if we can’t? Then we’ll find a best alternative or find a way of creating your perfect Roman blinds in West Lothian to your specifications. Get in touch with us here at Knightshades and let’s get those Roman blinds fitted