Why Choose INTU Blinds?

Out of all the blinds available on the market today, INTU blinds in West Lothian offer the least headache when it comes to installation. They are what’s known as “beadfit,” which means there’s no screwing or drilling in order to fit them to your windows.

So this would be an easy choice of blind if you’re not into all the hard work of conventional blinds and fitting them to your window.

What other reasons are there for choosing INTU Blinds?

You’ll find that INTU blinds fits snuggly into the frame of most conventionally sized windows. You’ll also find that the bits that fix your blinds together are hidden, that’s the brackets and the mechanisms that help them to work smoothly. Installing INTU blinds then, is incredibly easy, they fit on well, and you can’t see any of the materials used to put them together – so your blinds look as good as they feel.

You’ll also find that you can raise them easily, giving you control, they lock into position well, so you need never worry about braking them while you pull them down or raise them.

Child Safe INTU Blinds West Lothian

INTU blinds are safe for children as there’s no cords, loops or chains, and if you have a family or you’re planning on having one, you’ll be relieved to know they’re safe for your children.


They’re also great for conservatories too, and we have a great selection of materials, colours and styles to suit your home, whether you have a classic or more modern interior.

Match Window Frames With INTU Blinds

You‘ll find that INTU blinds can match the window frames so everything is coordinated. You can have them in the exact colour your frames are, such as white to match PVC or brown to suit timber frames.

Multizone INTU Blinds

This helps you to operate the blinds from both the top and the bottom. You can have this feature with your INTU blinds. It helps you to control shade and light more efficiently, and if this is a feature you’d like to have for your windows, then let us know.

Bottoms Up

Why not have your INTU blinds open from the top down? This is quite a good option if you live in a ground floor flat. You can have your INTU blinds fitted in this way and if you’d like to pursue this idea let us know.

Conservatories and Glazed Doors

INTU blinds are perfect for conservatories and glazed doors and fit beautifully, giving you all the control over heat and light.

It can provide a privacy when you want it in your conservatory or kitchen, or anywhere where you have large windows, or if you live directly on a busy street and you don’t want people looking directly in.

So to summarise, why should you choose INTU blinds for your home?

  • There are no screws or drilling involved

  • They provide excellent cover for conservatory windows, glazed doors, large windows, allowing privacy and control of heat and light

  • Provide excellent coverage

  • Child safe – no hanging cords or chains, so kids are safe from harm

  • You have can have them in a multitude of different fabrics, colours and styles

  • You can have them in Multizone style, so you can operate them from the bottom and the top

  • You can have your INTU blinds from the top down.

If you’re still unconvinced, or you’re unsure about something, get in touch with us and we’ll see what we can do to help.

Martin SweenyComment