Brighten Up Your Child’s Bedroom With Kids Blinds

When you decorate your kid’s bedroom it is always a good idea to allow them to have their own input on the design and colour schemes in their own room. It makes your child feel more independent and grown up. One way to do this is to fit bedroom blinds; your child can select from a large range of colours and designs and create their perfect room.

Why Should I Fit Kids Blinds?

We offer a wide range of blinds for kids at Knightshades and can advise you on the most efficient and attractive bedroom blinds available. Two of the easiest blinds to use in a kid’s bedroom are the roller blind or Roman blind.

The roller blind can be made from any fabric including moisture resistant cotton and is a fantastic material as it can be easily cleaned using a damp cloth. This is great for small grubby hands.

The Roman blind is made up of pleated material and adds a more decorative feel to your window. The blackout blind allows your child to get used to the dark and allows complete privacy, it also stops the light streaming in on summer’s evenings, and so your child will be able to go to sleep.

Are Kids Blinds Safe?

An important point to consider when fitting bedroom blinds is the safety aspect, we ensure that all of our blinds are child safe blinds.

Hanging cords can be the most dangerous part of a blind so fitting one with a wand, which you just twist, would be the best option. We supply a wide variety of blinds, from vertical, Venetian or roller blinds, these all come in a variety of materials and colours, so you will be guaranteed to find the right design for you and your children.

Personalising Your Kids Blinds

Personalising your kids blinds can be carried out by using decals or stickers to add a personal touch to your bedroom blinds, giving the room an individual look. The blinds come in a variety of colours to match the rest of your décor and by adding logos to them you will make your kid’s feel comfortable in their own room.

Another way to decorate your blind is to use stencils, these can be brought from craft stores or you can cut out your own using a piece of card and then either spray over the stencil or just use a paint brush.

Keeping Your Room Warm

We have been making and fitting blinds in West Lothian and surrounding areas for over fifteen years. Once your blind has been installed it will keep out any draughts or cold and will also ensure your kids have total privacy.

The blinds will also keep out bright sunshine, which is especially good in a small child’s room, particularly if they have to sleep during the day, young babies need their sleep.

Changing Your Childrens Blinds

If you have had your blinds up for a while and decide the time has come for a change you simply have to slide the blind from its fitting and replace it with a new one. Children grow and change rapidly as do their ideas so replacing the kids blinds is easier than fitting new curtains.

Get in contact and let us come and visit you at home and help you create the perfect bespoke children’s blinds.

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