The Power of Blackout Blinds

Traditionally blackout blinds are associated with the Second World War. They stopped light escaping from the interior of a house, and helped protect towns and villages from enemy bombers. The blackout blinds of the 21st century are a very different concept. This has been designed to stop light coming into a room, and ensure rest and sleep to the occupant.

Blackout Blinds have may uses

If you’re a shift worker, blackout blinds are invaluable. It means that you can catch up on your precious sleep at any time of the day or night. Bright sunlight won’t be able to filter into your bedroom, which is especially useful if you’re going to bed when the rest of the world is rising.

These blackout blinds are also useful if you’re trying to put your child to bed, early on a summer’s evening, the light from the outside world won’t penetrate the room, thus ensuring that your child will be able to go to sleep.

This type of bedroom blind is also great for those who are light sleepers. By successfully blocking out all external light, this could be streetlights or even a full moon; the sleeper can rest assured of a peaceful night’s repose.

Blackout Blinds Aren’t Always Black

These bedroom blackout blinds aren’t black at all. You can choose from a wide range of colours to suit your décor. Forget doom and gloom, think of bright colours and patterns.

The blackout blinds also come in different textures too. You can select to install fabric, or PVC waterproof fabric; it all depends on your taste and the room where you are planning to install the blackout blinds.

PVC blackout blinds are extremely useful for bathrooms and WCs in order to preserve privacy. With the growing popularity of gaming and home film watching, blackout blinds are an invaluable resource for those who wish to shut out the light in order to pursue their interests. Most blackout blinds are coated with acrylic, to preserve its blackout properties.

Add extra insulation to your home with blackout blinds

Thermal roller blinds will keep any room warm, thanks to their insulating properties. In common with all other blackout blinds they come in a range of colours, and styles.

All blackout blinds can be fitted as roller, Venetian or vertical blinds, or any other style you choose. Thermal blackout blinds absorb heat from the sun and then reflect this heat back into the room.

By adding an additional layer of fabric between your window and the outside world, any draughts will be eliminated, helping you to save energy and conserve warmth, and cut down on heating costs.

These blinds are also great at shutting out any sound from the outside world. Loud construction noises, the bass from a passing car will all be eliminated, and will no longer intrude into your home.

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