90 more Energy Saving Blind fabrics now added to our blind range!

All of our Energy Saving Blinds come hand made by Knight Shades your local blinds company, using top quality materials. The fabrics used on our blinds are from one of the most well know blind suppliers in the UK, Louvolite.

You can save up to 15% of your energy consumption by installing these energy saving blinds in your home, that's a £133 saving in energy bills!

Apart from cutting energy bills, our energy saving blinds will keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Benefits of Energy Saving Blinds

By choosing from our energy saving blind range, you can expect to save up to £133 each year on energy bills, as proven by Louvolite, leaving you extra cash for the things YOU want to buy. During winter months, the roller blinds trap cold air between the window and the blind, keeping your home warmer. During the summer, the blinds keep the suns heat out, keeping your home cool, so you don't have to waste energy using electric fans or air conditioning units.

All of our energy saving blinds are around the same cost as standard roller blinds, and will help you to save money in the long run.

Why Choose Our Blinds?

All of our Energy Saving Blinds are made to measure roller blinds, which feature Louvolites energy saving fabrics. The fabrics come with either Solar Protective Coating (SPC) or Energy Solar Protective Coating (ESP) saving you energy by reducing heat loss through windows.

The coatings are made from "Mica", a natural mineral, which improves the insulation qualities of the blind. The Mica coatings are on the back of the blinds and cannot be seen from the front.

We also supply energy saving blinds in black out fabric if you need your room to to dark in the bright summer mornings/evenings.

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