The Advantages of Having Wooden Blinds Fitted

Many people prefer window blinds to traditional curtains; the reason for this varies depending on the type of property you’re intending to hang them. In the past blinds where mainly seen in offices or shops, but they have gradually become more popular in the home. The variety and styles of blinds available will suit any surroundings and wooden blinds are becoming more fashionable.

Quality and Long Life

When you choose to fit one of our wooden blinds it’s important to take into account the type of wood and finish you will need to suit your room. We pride ourselves on using the highest quality materials and our staff can give you all the help you’ll need when making your choice.

What Types of Blinds are There?

The choices of blinds available at Knight Shades are endless, but our hand crafted blinds can be designed to suit your personal tastes. These include Venetian, roller and logo blinds which are printed with your own designs and motifs. All of these blinds are made from a variety of materials, which include plastic, waterproof cotton and wood.

Wooden Blinds and Their Versatility

Wooden blinds can be made from a variety of woods and here at our blinds company in West Lothian; we can design and make any style of blind you wish. We can use any type of wood that you choose, this can then be made to fit any size or style of window you have in your home. The slats can be cut to any width, depending on your room’s décor, whether it is modern, Victorian, Edwardian or country style. The wood blinds can also have a variety of finishes, and these can include staining, which will bring out the graining of the wood, or the blinds can be varnished or painted.

Privacy and Insulation

Once we have fitted your wooden blinds you will soon feel the benefits. These come in a variety of forms, the first thing you will notice is the privacy you’ll have, even when the blinds are open this also allows light to enter your room without people being able to see in. You will also notice that at night the blinds will act as a blackout cover preventing any street lights from shinning into your bedroom. Another excellent aspect of wooden blinds is that they prevent heat from being lost from your home. We will come to your home and measure the windows for you and then once they are ready one of our professional team will come and fit them.


Wooden blinds are simple to keep clean and are normally easier to maintain than other forms of blinds. When cleaning wooden blinds there is no need to take them down, all you will have to do is to close them one way and dust them down and then do the same once they are closed in the opposite direction. We can provide you with all the assistance you will need when choosing the right wooden blinds for your home. Please contact us.

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