Why Choose Blinds Over Curtains?

Perhaps you’re looking at your windows and wondering what would be the best window coverage. You may be tired of the same old curtains and those boring nets. If that is the case, and you’re debating whether blinds may be the way to go, we’re going to try and persuade you in this post, why blinds are a far better alternative to curtains.

Easy to Maintain Blinds

Unlike curtains, blinds don’t have to be taken down and either dry cleaned or machine washed. With blinds, you can simply wipe them while they’re still attached to the windows. You can simply use a damp cloth rather than using lots of water. It’s a lot quicker, which much less fuss.

Light Control

No matter how thick or thin your curtains are, light control is limited to open with light or shut with no light, and that’s it. However, with blinds you have much better control of how much light you allow in. Your blinds can be adjusted to let in exactly the right amount of light you need, it’s never a case of just open or shut.

Some blinds come with adjustable slats so they can be tilted different angles, which will limit the entry of light. This way you can control light much better by a little or as much as you want. With blinds you’re in charge and you can have better control over privacy as well as light.

Minimalist and Modern Blinds

Blinds give you more space and let the room feel bigger, there’s less fabric hanging from the windows, and this in turn makes the room seem more spacious. Because they can allow as much light as you like, they can make a room seem much larger and brighter. This gives your home a more spacious, clean, fresh look.

Much Wider Variety of Styles, Colours, Patterns and Material

With blinds you have a much more interesting colour palette as well as a lot of beautiful patterns and textures. Blinds come in a variety of different styles, with Roman, roller, Venetian and wooden blinds bringing a whole possibility of different ways of covering your windows. There’s also a variety of different materials and colours so your windows can fit right in with your internal décor.

Knight shades Blinds West Lothian

If you’re looking to change from curtains to blinds and you’re looking for a premier dealer in blinds in West Lothian, then look no further than Knight Shades. We provide tailored bespoke designed blinds which will be unique to your requirements. We are experienced in both domestic and commercial installation, so regardless of whether you’re an office or a domestic home, we can provide your bespoke blinds.

A lot of our work is via recommendation, and we pride ourselves on our workmanship. Get in touch today if you’ve been convinced of the benefits of blinds. You can measure your own windows, or you can let one of our team do it for you for a smart fit.


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