Choosing Bathroom Blinds

Bathroom blinds are such a great choice for the bathroom because they're so stylish and elegant. They're minimal and sleek, while at the same time fitting in beautifully with any classic looks you have going on in your bathroom.

Condensation and Moisture

With choosing bathroom blinds there are certain considerations, after all this is a room that can get extremely wet and hot and the material of your bathroom blinds have to be strong enough to withstand condensation and hot temperatures.

If you have a larger bathroom, this will help rid you of moisture quicker, if it's on the small side, then this might be a problem. All will depend on how well your room is ventilated and the type of appliances you have in your bathroom for dispensing water.

Water-Proof Blinds are a Must

So perhaps one of the most important properties your bathroom blinds should have is the ability to remain waterproof. Any fabric blinds are going to be vulnerable to mould so are an unlikely choice for any bathroom.

What type of material is best for your bathroom blinds?

It's fairly reasonable to assume then that you'll be looking to find something that's more practical. One of the best materials to use in the bathroom is UPVC, as it's water-resistant. However you can get water-resistant blinds that have been created specifically for bathroom use, and they do come in different styles such as roller, Venetian or vertical.

You can also get blackout blinds for your bathroom which are good if you have concerns regarding privacy. You can also have them wipe clean as well as moisture resistant. Our bathroom blinds cover the full colour spectrum and come with plenty of different shades. While Roller blinds are a popular choice because of their easy installation and ease of adjustment, you can choose any style of blind for your bathroom.

Safe For Children

We also provide safety accessories with our bathroom blinds because we know how curious children are, and how easy it is for them to get caught and tangled in the blind chain. All our blinds, as well as bathroom blinds, come with safety accessories, so you have peace of mind whenever your children are around.


Yes, privacy is important for your bathroom for obvious reasons. Blackout blinds, as we've already mentioned, are a perfect choice for your bathroom if you think neighbours and passers-by may have a clear view when you're taking a shower.

If you don't want to go as far as choosing entirely opaque blinds, then you can simply go for full window coverage for when the windows are closed, such as Venetian blinds. Venetian blinds give you a really good balance between privacy and light control, so your bathroom offers privacy but doesn't completely block out light.


Here at Knight Shades, we offer a comprehensive range of bathroom blinds with different styles, textures and materials. This means you'll find something that really complements the current style and colour of your bathroom. Whether it's blackout, Venetian or roller blinds, you'll have really accurate and complete coverage for your windows and you'll get peace of mind whenever you take a shower or bath. So get in touch with us here at Knight Shades and let us help you choose your bathroom blinds

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