Why Choose Printed Business Blinds?

Printed business blinds are a great choice for your business premises, they advertise your company to passers-by and are a great way of adding an innovative and unique identity to your company. Logo blinds are a great way to advertise your brand identity, it’s especially important if you don’t have anywhere else to place your logo, and where better than your windows?

Historic or Listed Buildings

Consider this: if you have a building where the façade cannot be altered or branded because it’s an historic, listed building, as is often the case in buildings based in Edinburgh or Glasgow, then a printed business blind with your logo is an ideal solution.

Prefer illustrations or images instead of logos?

It could be that you prefer something different to corporate logos and are after something a little more imaginative, perhaps illustrations, text or photographs and we can do something with those ideas and reproduce them on to a set of blinds for you. If you really are stuck for ideas, then why not let us help you create something which works and speaks for your brand.

Interior or Exterior

Your business blinds can face out towards the public gaze or they can be inside. We can make sure that your logo/illustration/image is seen clearly as we use fabrics which shows off lighter areas of the image or logo. You can also have a message on both sides of the blind so they’re seen both ways, externally and internally.

Brand Identity

Business blinds with a logo not only help you with brand identity they really add something extra to the interior décor of your office space. We have a clever and talented team behind us who can help create high quality textiles which will enhance the ability to see your images and text easily. We are passionate about our business blinds and that’s why they have been so successful with our clients. We’re happy to go the extra mile and make sure you’re happy with your product and our service.

Colour, Textiles, Patterns – Your Choice

There’s lots of different colour combination and fabric choices so it can match any décor, colour scheme or theme you may have. So your brand identity, your blinds and your interior décor can all be the perfect match, so your customers know exactly who you are and what you stand for.

Knight Shades – Perfect Business Blinds

If you'd like to know more about how you can add a logo, illustration or chosen image to a set of business blinds, then get in touch and one of our team will be more than happy to talk to you about it. We can even come and fit them for you if don’t want to do it yourself, we’re trained to install as well as design, so you have a comprehensive service at your disposal.

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