How to Measure for Window Blinds

If you’re having new blinds fitted, then you’re going to have to measure the windows so you get a snug fit. The beauty of having blinds is that they offer such a good fit for your window, giving you the right amount of coverage where you need it unlike with curtains.

Measure Your Blinds Carefully For an Accurate Fit

It’s important to get accurate measurements because if you don’t, then your blinds will be a bad fit and this could work out expensive if you have to have them refitted. In today’s post we’re going to be looking at how to measure for window blinds successfully, so if you do decide to go ahead and measure them yourself, you’ll get a really nice fit.

You need to check for a recess in your window so you can see whether your blind will fit outside or inside the space. Check for handles, phone sockets, or fixtures to see whether there’s going to be any obstruction to the blind closing and opening.

Measuring Outside the Window Recess

If you’re going to fit your blinds outside the recess allow for around 2” or 5cm overlap an another 4” or 10cm for the length. Measure the window at either end and also in the middle, you can reduce the width slightly by a centimetre if your blinds are either roller, Roman or Venetian.

With the length, again measure from top to bottom and reduce the length by 1cm so the fabric of the blind won’t catch on the windowsill.

Measuring Without a Window Recess

If you don’t have a window recess you can measure across the window adding 4” or 10cm to the total of the width so you’re allowing 2” or 5cm overlap on either side of the window, by doing this you’ll be able to block out the light properly. Roller blinds will need another 2” or another 5cm to the width so you leave adequate room for the operating mechanism.

Blinds Length

You’ll need to know where the bottom of the blind needs to stop so you can take this into account with your measurements.

Ready-Made Blinds and Recesses

Its best to measure your windows more than once to make sure you’ve got a best fit. You could buy a ready-made blind and cut it to fit your window, it will come with its own instructions on how to do this. If you’re going to be fitting blinds that come outside a recess or without one altogether, you’ll need a track or bracket fitted above your window that’s fitted directly on to the wall, or on to a wooden batten that sits above your window frame. Measure from the top (fitting) to the sill so that your blind extends to provide complete coverage.

You’ll need more room so you have a wider gap for the control mechanisms, there’ll be a wider gap between the wall and the blind because of this, and it will impact how effective the window coverage is, so you need to be careful.

Venetian, Roman and Roller Blinds

Venetian, roman and roller blinds will also need to clear space inside a recess to the sides, so they won’t drag against the wall during extension. You need to reduce the overall width by 1cm. If you’re having vertical blinds, then you’ll need to reduce the length measurements by 1cm so that the panels are smooth against the window without any drag across the sill.

Knight Shades Blinds Measuring Service

Don’t worry if you have unusual windows, because here at Knight Shades we offer a measuring service for blinds and we’re happy to do the measuring for you. Get in touch and ask us about window measurements, whether your windows are a unique shape or more traditional, we’re here to help.