How to Choose Blinds This Winter

We know that blinds are an excellent choice all year round. We know how elegant, minimal and functional they are, how perfectly they fit your windows, and how they are so much better than curtains. Question is – do you?

Today, we’re going to be talking about how effective blinds are this winter, and how much choice there is. Just because it’s cold and wet doesn’t mean you have to stick to heavy curtains, you can still have the same warmth and cosiness from blinds. And yes, you’ll get so much more from them in terms of functionality and durability than curtains – so read on to find out how you can help your windows face the approach of winter.

Different blinds suit different purposes, and as the colder temperatures approach, you’ll need to make sure each room in your house or apartment is built to create the right kind of insulation to keep the cold out. Central heating won’t always be enough, and neither are curtains, they often don’t provide the right kind of warmth, no matter how heavily they’re lined.

So what type of blinds might be appropriate for your windows this winter?

Insulated blinds

Insulated blinds do exactly what it says, they trap air within the fabric’s structure and help to retain heat, which is exactly what you need when the temperature drops. In summer they do the opposite and help prevent hot humid air from entering the room. The type of blinds that provide this type of insulation are usually roller and as you can imagine, when you pull them down, they are at their most effective.

Blackout Blinds

Blackout blinds are at their most useful in bedrooms, especially children’s, by helping to block out light and thus helping them to sleep. You may not be aware that blackout blinds also provide great insulation and have good thermal properties. Again, this type of blind is usually roller.

Skylight Blinds

Skylight blinds go over – you guessed it, the skylight, providing you with extra warmth and insulation from above, helping you to save on energy bills. They can also be child safe, and this is done by making them motorised, you can also have rods and cords which are also child safe. They make for a great fit over your windows, keeping you snug and warm right up until spring.

Window Shutters

Not quite the same as blinds, but practical and functional for winter coverage of your windows by helping to rid you of draughts, and naturally, this will help keep your rooms warmer. Window shutters are also a permanent fixture, so if you do decide to sell your home in the future, and if they’ve been fitted by professionals and made of quality materials, they could add value to your property.

Wooden Blinds

Finally, a quick look at wooden blinds. Fabric isn’t the only choice for your window coverage. Wooden blinds are also good at keeping the cold out and the warmth in. They provide an excellent barrier against the cold once the slats are closed shut. The thicker material that wood provides is excellent at keeping cold out as well as those bitter cold draughts that come in through the windows.

Knight Shades Blinds West Lothian

If you’re looking for blinds this winter and you want a home that will be warm now and cool in summer, then why not talk to us about which blinds would be suitable for your home. We can help your home stay warm and cosy throughout the winter months, not matter the shape of your windows, your budget or your style or preference. Keep your home warm this winter – give us a call today and we can take things further.

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