Benefits of Wooden Blinds

You’re looking for new blinds for your windows and someone has suggested wooden blinds, but why should you invest in this particular type of blind? There are lots of benefits to wooden blinds and today we’re going to be talking about exactly that, so read on while we try to impress you with all the benefits and advantages of wooden blinds.

The Beauty of Wood

The aesthetics are clear, wooden blinds are both elegant and sophisticated and because they’re made from such a versatile and unique material as wood, each blind is unique for this very reason. Each blind will have its own pattern and grain, giving each window its own original appeal. They also come in a variety of different sizes, thickness and finish, so they’re pretty versatile.

In What Other Ways Are Wooden Blinds Beneficial?

Well, they’re excellent at blocking out light, that is of course if you choose the Venetian variety. If you live near an area where there is lots of light, or if perhaps you work during the night and sleep in the day, then this is a distinct advantage. The slats can be easily cleaned with a cloth that’s been dampened with water, no detergent necessary. You have a no fuss window coverage that gives off elegance and class while giving you functionality – what’s not to love?

They won’t necessarily be good for all windows as they can be quite heavy, but don’t despair if they’re not right for some or all of your windows. You can always have faux wooden blinds, and these are every bit as stylish.

If you have a home that has an emphasis on wood, for instance you may have wooden beams or perhaps a fireplace that’s used wood as a prime feature, then venetian wooden blinds are an excellent choice and will really enhance the wood feel. They also come with a variety of different varnish and stains that will match beams, fireplaces, walls and floors, giving you a really stylish feel to the room as well as adding warmth and depth.

Blinds in general are great for providing perfect window coverage which you simply don’t get with curtains or nets. This allows for better light control and a certain degree of noise elimination, so blinds really are more than the sum of their parts. And if you choose wooden blinds, then you’ve got the added style and elegance of this most versatile material.

Knight Shades Blinds West Lothian

Have we convinced you of the beauty of wooden blinds? We certainly hope so because we have a large and generous range of wooden blinds here at Knight Shades. Whatever style you’re looking for, we can help you choose something that fits in perfectly with the interior décor of your home. Why not talk to one of our advisors today and get your window coverage needs met with Knight Shades.

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