Why Invest in Motorised Blinds

Have you been thinking about motorised blinds but haven’t got around to making a purchase? Perhaps you’re put off slightly by the price and don’t feel they’re worth the investment right now, or you may not know enough to make a commitment to buy. We’re here to give you some valid reasons why motorised blinds are a worthwhile investment.

The Perfect Answer For Safety Around Children and Pets

If you have a family with young children, then motorised blinds are a perfect option. The reason why this is the case is because there are no cords for children to play with. This means that you simply use a button to make the blinds go up and down. So, when lively children are around there are no opportunities for them to accidentally wrap a cord around their neck. They’re safe for animals too, so whenever the dogs or cats come in they won’t injure themselves either.

Convenience and a Great Option For The Elderly

They also offer convenience. If you have windows which are unusual in shape or are high up, then as you can imagine, closing and shutting them can be difficult. If you have motorised blinds, then you can have a button to control the opening and shutting of the windows without having to climb or stretch. In fact, if you have someone in your home or a family member who lives nearby, and they suffer with a physical handicap, or they’re elderly and their range of movement is restricted, investing in motorised blinds could be a good idea. Motorised blinds are also good for French windows, bifold and sliding windows, giving you convenience and accessibility in any part of the house.

Motorised Blinds Are Cost-Effective and Affordable

You might be hard-pushed to believe, but motorised blinds are really cost effective and nowhere near as expensive as you might think. They’re not just coveted and used by the wealthy. Prices are reasonable after having come down over the last few years. There are various price points and there’s always going to be some that will suit your budget, giving your windows a whole new lease of life.

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If you’ve now decided that perhaps motorised blinds might be for you then what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us today and a member of our experienced team for a free consultation and we’ll talk you through your choices. If you do decide to go with motorised blinds we’ll make sure you have the right colour, design, pattern and texture, something that fits in nicely with your home and the room’s décor. Give us a call today!