Best Blinds for Your Home This Summer

Now we’ve recently welcomed British summer time we’re seeing those summer days getting brighter and longer. There’s much more natural light flooding in until late into the evening and this is going to make it difficult to sleep, especially for children. In order to acquire the right amount of light control in your house it’s important to choose the right kind of blinds for your home.

You Can Have Light and Privacy Control With Stylish Blinds

Why not control the amount of sunshine you let in through your window and have stylish window coverage at the same time? It’s essential if the room where you entertain becomes too hot to sit in, or there’s so much light you can’t see properly.

Conservatory Blinds

The conservatory is one place where protection from the sun’s rays is definitely needed. The entire room is made mostly of glass and you’ll need something to take the heat and light down a notch. If you consider blinds in this room to come with a sun reflective coating, you could not only help with the light in summer but provide insulation in winter. Investing in conservatory blinds means you can enjoy your conservatory throughout the year.

Bathrooms – Heat, Moisture and Steam

Your bathroom will become a real sauna during the summer months, and unless you specifically wanted a sauna, that’ll mean some rather uncomfortable nights during the summer season. The bathroom can create its own temperatures too with humidity, steam and condensation, so you’ll probably need to keep the window open during the hottest days. However, that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice on privacy and light protection if you get the right blinds. If you choose waterproof blinds you can keep the moisture at bay when it comes to your window coverage. Venetian and vertical blinds work equally well, and you can get the patterns, colours and styles that match your décor.

Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are a great choice for summer too and work really well with blackout material, they can help keep out the heat when the suns at its hottest. With a solid sheet of material across the window they can both reduce the heat and the light.

Blackout Blinds

These blinds are great for the bedroom in summer too. If you find it’s difficult to get the children to sleep during the warmer months, then these should help. As its light during the summer until way past their bedtime, getting them to stay in bed is a nightmare, with the days stretching well after 9pm. Blackout blinds should make a significant difference.

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