Perfect Blinds for Your Home this Summer

What kind of blinds are suitable for your home in summer? We usually recommend ones that do two jobs, control the light and give much valued privacy when you need it. In this post we’re looking at summer blinds and how you can have both aesthetically attractive blinds that blend in with your décor and have functionality and control.

Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are a popular choice because they make such good window coverage and work well with privacy and light control provision. If you do decide to go for this type of blind you can guarantee that here at Knight Shades, we offer a really diverse range of vertical blinds in different colours, patterns and fabrics. All of these blinds will come with special blackout material which reduced the heat and glare of the sun, reducing light and also giving you much needed privacy when the days are longer.

Conservatory Blinds

When you’re in a conservatory you’re bound to feel the heat on a summer’s day, and all that glass is going to ramp up the heat significantly. Blinds for a conservatory need to be good at what they do, shielding you from harsh light and giving you privacy to enjoy your conservatory. A sun reflective coating can prevent light absorption and what’s more, once the colder weather comes back, give your conservatory insulation in winter. Roof blinds are also a great idea for conservatory, because the light doesn’t just come through the windows.

Wooden Blinds To Help With Daylight Glare

Wooden blinds are also a great idea for helping to control glare from sunlight in the early evening and you can angle them in such a way they give you ultimate protection as and when you need it.


In the bathroom you can also use vertical blinds or roller blinds. These may be better and give your window coverage a complete blackout, you’ll need some reflective coating and maybe you may want more in the way of complete blackout fabric. Keep in mind that bathroom will see more moisture and condensation than any other part of the house, part from maybe the kitchen, so think of that when you choose fabric. Wood isn’t suitable as it will tend to crap and warp with the heat, but faux wood could work too, and they’re easy to clean.

Knight Shades Blinds West Lothian for quality, versatility and functionality in your blinds.

If you’re now thinking of changing your blinds to suit the summer months and remember that they work in winter too, check out our great range of blinds and then get in touch. We supply blinds that incorporate the latest trends and designs and come with adequate protection against light and blackout those harmful sun rays, protect your furniture from fade and help regulate heat in the home during summer. What have you got to lose? Give us a call.

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