PVC Blinds - Perfect in the Family Home

You may already have blinds, or you’re considering them for the first time. As you may already know, blinds come in a variety of different materials, what you may not be aware of is that blinds are available in PVC. It doesn’t sound particularly exciting, and perhaps not as interesting as other types of blind, but what we’re going to do in today’s blog is show you how useful and effective PVC blinds are and why we think they’re a fantastic choice for the home.

PVC Blinds - Function & Style

There are many functional benefits to PVC blinds, which is why they’re such an excellent choice. However, PVC look as good as they perform well. They have a quality look and feel to them that makes them both elegant and stylish. They often give the appearance of wood, but without the expense. Timber is also quite a high maintenance and has a tendency to crack chip and fade over time, but not so with PVC. This is where we come to durability.

PVC blinds are a good investment because the structure PVC makes them resistant to rust and also protects your home from the sun’s rays, this also helps to avoid fading of walls and furnishings. They trap solar heat too and this helps keep your home warm on cold days.

Versatile Range of PVC Blinds

They come in a range of different colours and cleaning them is a doddle as you won’t need strong detergents, just a little soapy water. They can also last anything up to 30 to 50 years as long as you take good care of them, so they’re a worthwhile investment. And as well as being easy to clean, they’re in the lower price range so you get so much more for less. In comparison to wooden or faux wood, PVC offer value for money and a long-lasting chic and stylish window coverage.

Horizontal or Vertical PVC blinds

What you’ll also find is that PVC blinds can come either in vertical or horizontal style. Which means they’re suitable for most windows. While you have vertical PVC blinds for patio doors and larger windows, horizontal blinds are great for shorter windows and can really finish off a room’s décor, offering a perfectly coordinated combo. You can also have a range of different cords and tassels to complete your window coverage, and for those children’s bedrooms, safety cords, to avoid accidents.

Knight Shades for Quality Blinds

We are premier blind fitters, if you’re looking to change your blinds to PVC ones, then we can help you choose the right colour, measure your windows if you’d prefer not to do them yourself, and then install them for you. Don’t worry if you have unusually shaped windows, we can create ones that fit perfectly, so get in touch today and discover the benefits of PVC blinds for yourself.

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