Choosing Children's Bedroom Blinds

If you’ve been decorating your child’s bedroom, then you may be searching for some inspiration and perhaps replacing traditional curtains with children's blinds. On the other hand, you may have blinds which you want to replace with something fresh and dynamic, more in keeping with your son or daughter’s tastes and the theme of the room.

Modern Blinds are Safe For Children to Use

Bedroom blinds for children will, of course, come with safety measures, either a wand attached to the blinds or beading carefully fitted with a P bracket that comes apart if they are pulled hard enough. Thus, any blinds you buy now for a child’s bedroom will be fitted with these safety catches so you know your children will be safe. All you need to consider now is what type of blind is right for your child’s room.

What Type of Blinds Do Your Children Want?

You’ll probably have to compromise to a certain point and allow them to have some say in what type of blinds they have in terms of colour and pattern. However, you can stop short of jet black or bright orange if you really don’t want it! Just work with your child to find a halfway point where they get what they want and you get something you can live with!

Can’t have bright wallpaper but fancy bright coloured blinds instead?

Blinds can be a great statement piece for the bedroom, and if you live in rented property where colourful wallpaper may not be something your landlords relish, by investing in blinds, you can have something colourful and daring that you can take away with you should you leave.

You can double up your child’s window by having colourful blinds matched by darker curtains, which will also help insulate the room in winter and help keep noise out when they’re ready to sleep.

Blackout Blinds

Blackout fabrics can help children get to sleep quicker too, especially during summer when you have the long days to contend with. You can simply have blinds which cover the window with no pattern or colour and simply have curtains with colour, or have blackout blinds with a stylish fabric.

Which type of blinds are best for children’s bedrooms?

Roller fabrics are obviously best for the blackout fabric we’ve discussed and when not in use rolls up to the top of the window out of the way. Venetian or vertical blinds may not be suitable as blackout blinds as they would not offer enough coverage, but they both come in different fun colours for windows, so if it’s for an older child, perhaps these may be a better choice.

Knight Shades – A Varied Range of Children's Blinds

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