Choosing Blinds for Privacy

If you’ve decided to have blinds for the first time and privacy is important to you, then you couldn’t have made a better choice. Blinds are perfect at giving you that all important privacy from the world outside, because they’re made to fit your window. They offer light and noise control too, as well as privacy, so your windows have various layers of protection.

You can choose from a variety of different styles, there are horizontal slated blinds, or vertical ones, which are great for keeping out prying eyes, and especially if your house or apartment sits directly on the street. Sometimes it’s difficult to limit the amount of light and privacy with curtains as it’s simply a case of open or shut, but with blinds you can have light and privacy at the same time.

Sheer or blackout fabrics

If you choose to have roller blinds, you can have sheer or blackout fabric. Blackout fabric shuts out light completely if you have an aversion to light at night, but you can also have them down during the day if you want the light shut out completely. They’re good for children’s bedrooms and those who work night shifts.

Sheer fabric on the other hand can be pulled down during the day, but without blocking out the light. You can also add curtains if you wish to double up during winter. Sheer fabric looks really good too and so elegant.

Patio doors and bay windows will also benefit from blinds which are made for privacy, they can keep out the light, but at the same time allow it to flood in on your terms.

Vertical blinds

Vertical blinds can be tilted in such a way that they will allow some light in but shut enough out so you get privacy. Wooden blinds are stylish and elegant but also help you to play with the light and decide how much you want to allow in, giving you privacy but not shrouding you in darkness.

What you’ll find is that blinds are so versatile, you can have a variety of different styles in each of your rooms and they can all provide you with excellent privacy as well as. Whatever theme, style or colour scheme you have going on, you don’t have to compromise on privacy, but you can have it exactly where you need it.

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