What's Best for Your Home - Shutters or Blinds?

Are you looking to change your window coverage and you’re not too sure which one to go with? You can go with a number of different choices, be it curtains, shutters or blinds, but which one is best? We’re going to be debating shutters or blinds, so stick around while we go through the pros and cons of both.

Window Shutters

Window shutters have an old world feel that’s essentially timeless. It’s never dated and they look good whether your home is classic or contemporary. It’ll provide light when you need it and offers privacy and air filtration at a touch. They look beautiful on any shape of window, but particularly beautiful within a bay window. There’s versatility in their design too with different materials and styles available. There’s less maintenance than with blinds and there are no complicated mechanisms. They’re also good for insulation and keeping heat in during the winter months as well as offering that little bit of extra security and keeping away prying eyes. This is especially good if you have particular rooms which contain valuables.

The disadvantages of window shutters are that they can work out expensive and they can take up more room as they are fitted to the window frame and this can take up more space than a set of more traditional blinds. Once you have them they’re pretty much there for the entirety of your stay in that one property, as they can be messy and costly to then remove and replace with something else. On the other-hand, shutters offer your property some luxurious fixtures and fittings that could significantly increase the value of your property should you decide to sell in the future.


There’s a huge amount of different fabrics, colours and patterns when it comes to blinds as well as different styles, such as vertical, roller, roman, blackout, wooden, venetian and pleated. They can be custom designed to suit the shape of your window, regardless of how big or small or how unusually shaped they are. You can also choose particular fabrics which suit bathrooms, which are usually more obviously prone to damp and moisture than anywhere else. In the bedroom, you can also choose blackout blinds with special fabric which cuts out light completely if that helps you sleep. Of course, you can have blackout blinds in any room, in the bathroom too, and in rooms where you use a projector, or perhaps in a media room that’s dedicated to watching films and playing games. If you have young children, your blinds will come with safety mechanism which will help avoid accidents.

The disadvantages of blinds are that they can become damaged easily, the mechanism can break and they can take time to clean. Some fabrics fade more easily than others unless you get material that has UV protection. However, as there is a lot of variety and versatility in style and fabric with blinds, there’s always plenty of options from which to choose.

Knight Shades- Elegant and Versatile Window Coverage

We’ve taken a quick peek at the many advantages and disadvantages of both blinds and shutters. You now have the information, it’s up to you which ones you choose. What you will find however, is that here at Knight Shades, we sell an excellent selection of both, so if you need more advice and guidance on which ones will be right for your bedroom then why not get in touch and one of our team will be more than happy to help.

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