Should You Invest In Senses Mirage Blinds?

Our latest blog is a feature on Senses Mirage blinds and how they could be a worthwhile investment for you.

What are Senses Mirage Blinds?

These are a particular type of blind which you can raise and lower in the same way as other conventional blinds, but the front part of the fabric moves separately from the back, so it looks like you have slats. You can block out light when you close them and also create a stripy effect which will then allow just the right amount of light to filter through. Naturally, you can also open them for optimum light effects throughout the room. With this type of blind, you get two blind styles for the price of one, that of both Roller blinds and Venetian.

Easy to install and use

Once installed, these blinds are very easy to operate. We’d definitely recommend them as they are versatile and sophisticated. The installation process itself is relatively simple to follow and provides amazing results that is worth the effort. You can also select different methods of operation, such as chain, motorised or cordless.

Why invest in Senses Mirage blinds?

If you’re looking for simple, but clever blinds that offer a lot more control over light and privacy than your average blind, then Senses Mirage blinds are definitely for you. They’re especially useful if you live on a busy road with a lot of traffic going by, and also if the majority of the rooms in your home directly face the sun.

Knight Shades Blinds - for a versatile range of Senses Mirage Blinds

We’ve been selling blinds for many years and what we’ve learned we’ve put into practice. Not only do sell blinds but we install them too. If you’ve decided that Senses Mirage blinds are for you then why not get in touch by calling us or visiting our showroom. We can’t wait to meet you, and one of our team will be more than happy to help you choose a set of blinds which compliment your room, your décor and your functional needs.

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