Privacy in Your Conservatory

Regardless of whether it’s summer or winter, you’ll want to sit out in your conservatory to relax and unwind. During summer it might be to entertain and admire the garden in all it’s finery, but in winter you may simply go in the conservatory to read and relax after a long day at the office. 

Winter is Coming!

Winter is approaching fast and so are those longer, darker nights. In the winter naturally, the nights are drawing in, and as it’s dark you’ll want to switch the lights on. When you do this, even if you only use a table lamp, you’re still going to be seen from outside. People will not only be able to see you from opposite the conservatory, they’ll also be able to see you from any rooftop area as well, (if they have flat roofs). Even if they only have a loft room, this gives them ample opportunity to view you from above, giving you no privacy whatsoever. Without our range of conservatory blinds, your conservatory will have the privacy you desire, whatever season it is.

Made to fit blinds.

Snug fit/great range/perfect coverage. If you’re worried about this now that the shorter days are on the horizon, we’d like to suggest our blinds as the perfect solution. Here at Knightshades, we have a wide range of blinds, with our conservatory range amongst our most popular ranges. Our blinds are especially made to fit your conservatory doors, windows and roof without any room for gaps, so you have a snug fit. With such a good fit, people are less likely to be able to see into your conservatory giving you peace of mind. The benefits are obvious. Not only do they give you increased privacy, they also offer great insulation too. This means you’ll be warm and snug in your conservatory once the cold weather sets in. 

Suitable All Throughout the Year.

Summer or winter – our conservatory blinds can give you the best in window coverage all year round. You can have your blinds up all year, because in the summer they’ll give you insulation against the sun, in reverse so to speak. If you have your blinds made with a special blackout coating, you’ll have protection from the sun during the summer months. Conservatory blinds then have the potential to be a wise investment with your conservatory glass windows having coverage that fits like a glove and giving you the kind of privacy you’ve been looking for. 

Knight Shades - for quality conservatory privacy.

If you’d like to go ahead and pick some conservatory blinds, then get in touch with us here at Knight Shades, Edinburgh. We’d love to help you with your choice and we can even install them for you, that way you’ll have them up in no time and fitted with the accuracy, care and attention we give all our customers. Call us today and we can start discussing your requirements.

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