Tips For Cleaning Roller Blinds

We’re talking about cleaning roller blinds and how you can make it a simple and easy task. If you’re looking to keep your roller blinds pristine and clean as you’d want them to be then you’ve stopped at exactly the right spot. 

A simple regime is all you need

Roller blinds are easy to keep nice and clean, and for regular cleaning it’s a simple regime only that’s required. All you need is a damp cloth, and you don’t even have to use a detergent. Open the blind and then wipe up and down, top to bottom. 


If you have stains and a damp cloth isn’t doing the job, then stain removal can be successfully applied by using a fabric stain remover which is specifically designed for this type of job. Treat it by following exactly what it says in the instructions. 

Roller blind mechanisms

As is often the case, the mechanism that helps your roller blind go up and down can get a little stiff and as a result be quite noisy when you use it. This is usually a sign that it needs lubrication. A silicone spray is good for this and can be used without concern, it won’t do your blinds any harm. 

Simple, nice and easy cleaning

Taking care of your roller blinds doesn’t have to be the nightmare you think it is. It’s a simple process, and nowhere near as bad or as much hard work as it is with curtains. And unlike curtains you won’t have to take them down and wash them or have them dry cleaned. You can clean your roller blinds where they are on the windows. 

Knight Shades blinds – for quality roller blinds

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