Summer Blinds For Light & Temperature Control

The summer is here and for British weather it’s promising to get really warm. When we have warmer temperatures, naturally our rooms get much warmer, and it can be difficult to control the heat. If you don’t have adequate air conditioning or you’re short on electric fans, then you may be feeling the discomfort. 

Top floor flats, rooms that are directly in the sun, and staying cool during humid weather

Window coverage can help, because if you have adequate protection from heat and light, you can help drop the temperature a notch so it’s bearable. This is especially important if you live in a flat on the top floor of a building. Heat rises, and if you’re directly in the sun’s glare, then flimsy curtains or inadequately made blinds are not going to help.

Help keep your home cool this summer with specially created blinds

Today we’re talking about summer blinds, specifically those made with adequate light and temperature control. Invest wisely in quality blinds of this type and you’ll also have the pleasure of staying warm in winter when the temperature drops, as they will protect against the cold and retain heat too. 

Control is where it’s at

Blinds you have in the rooms where heat and light are quite excessive can be coated with special blackout material which also offer UV protection. This will block out any harmful rays from the sun and allow you to have a break from the heat and light when you need it. Blinds are great for giving you control over how much light you allow in and much needed control over humidity.

As well as light and temperature control blinds can give you much needed privacy, so if you live near a busy street you can shut out the world comfortably and have enough light coming in. 

Solar heat control

Coming back to light control, if you’re looking to have the very best, try solar heat control blinds. Solar heat control blinds will allow light to enter, but the solar fabric reflects or absorbs a high level of solar radiation. You’ll find the fabric has a silvered backing, and it is this that gives excellent heat reflectance while allowing light to come in, but without the intense heat that can come with it. 

Knights Shades Blinds West Lothian

If you’re now eager to try blinds with adequate light control for the summer heat, then why not get in touch with us here at Knight Shades. We can talk you through your choices, and what you’ll find is that almost any type of blind, in any style, colour, pattern or texture is usually suitable for solar heat and/or light control. So, whatever your colour scheme, or personal style, you can have blinds that give you light and heat control and have well matched blinds.

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