Have You Thought About Blackout Blinds For Your Bedroom?

As the days start to get longer, you may be finding it harder to sleep at night, or possibly you have children and it’s difficult getting them off to sleep. Extra light is great when you’re out and about, but when it’s keeping you awake, when you should be drifting off to sleep, it can be difficult. Curtains only give you partial coverage, as light can still sneak in through the sides or the middle, and that’s no good if you need complete darkness. Also, if you’re working night shifts and you typically sleep during the day, then you’re going to need to darken the room even more.

You don’t have to carry on being sleep deprived

At Knight Shades - as you’ll already know - we supply a versatile range of blinds. We provide everything from Roller, Venetian, Vertical and Roman to name just a few. We also provide different materials, styles, colours and patterns, but did you know we also provide different coatings and backings for our blinds? Did you know you could buy a set of blinds with UV protection and/or a careful blackout coating, so all light is blocked out when they’re pulled down?

Night shifts, summer nights, furniture fade and privacy

This is useful to so many of you who find trouble sleeping on summer nights, or as we’ve already mentioned have young children, or those working permanent night shifts. They’re also really good for privacy, and what is not always appreciated, prevention of furniture fade. Sunlight is beautiful when it pours in through a window, but it can seriously fade furniture over time.

Knightshades has a fabulous and versatile range of blinds

With such a great range of fabrics, colours and styles you can have whatever type of blind you want with a blackout coating. That means if you have a particular style or theme going on in your bedroom, we’re likely to have something that will match it. That way, you’ll have a great balance of privacy, comfort and great looking blinds. Blackout blinds can be used in other rooms too, like a studio, spare room, or even a living room. You can also have cordless blackout blinds for child safety, so you need never worry about your kids when you’re not in the room.

Knightshades - for quality blackout blinds

If you want to invest in blackout blinds take a look at the fantastic range on our website and then give us a call. Most of our blinds can be converted into blackout blinds, so it’s simply a case of finding the right blind that suits your particular taste. Contact us and we can arrange to measure your windows, or you can simply do it yourself and give us your measurements. We can’t wait to hear from you!