Fancy Brightening Up the Kid’s Rooms with Printed Blinds?

Choosing blinds for your windows isn’t just about coverage, it’s also about adding something special to the room that complements the overall theme that’s going on in the room. It can help bring things together beautifully and printed blinds are a particular joy, especially in a child’s bedroom.

Themed printed blinds can add a final finishing touch to a child’s bedroom.

That finishing touch can be anything from themed printed blinds, to something with their favourite Disney character or items, such as books perhaps, or maybe bears. As always, we only provide child safety blinds, as your children’s safety is always of paramount importance to us. If you have no chords or safety chains, then your child isn’t likely to injure themselves or have a more serious accident, which gives you peace of mind.

Colours and prints are a beautiful pairing

If you like bright colours then printed blinds can make all the difference and really add something special to the overall colour scheme, picking out certain shades in the room. We work hard to provide a pattern that fits the theme and colour scheme and if we don’t have something in, we’ll find a way of creating it for you, so you get exactly what you need, first time.

Variety, choice, blackout coatings and UV filters

We can provide a wide variety of different fabrics and styles of blind, including Roller and Roman and both can contain the most exquisite prints on them. They can also come with a special blackout coating on the back so your children can sleep better at night as well as a UV filter to block out the sun’s harmful rays.

Easy wipe roller blinds

They’re easy to maintain, and as well as blackout blinds and UV filters we also provide easy wipe roller blinds. These are great when mischievous little hands are about and they’re so easy to clean, all you’ll really need is a damp cloth that removes any marks or any sticky patches, quickly and easily.

Knightshades Blinds – for quality printed blinds kids will love

At Knightshades we provide a free design consultation, which involves you and helps you decide on what’s right for your child’s bedroom. We’ll work closely with you to help you get the right blinds you want for your children. We can also install your blinds for you, so if you’re worried about installing them, don’t worry, we can take that off your list of things to do!

Give us call today and we can help you choose the right blinds for your child’s bedroom, and help put them up for you.

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