Conservatory blinds - perfect for controlling light and heat

If you’re in the middle of a heatwave right now whilst reading this, or the weather forecast says you’re on the cusp of one, then you’ll definitely be looking to control the amount of light and heat coming into your home. This is especially true if you have a conservatory because it tends to get hot, really hot. All that glass has the potential to turn your conservatory into an oven, a place where you won’t want to sit at all. 

Light, heat and privacy control

The answer for complete window coverage and both light and heat control is of course, window blinds. Blinds regulate heat like no other type of window coverage can. Your living space is much cooler in summer, and warmer in winter when the temperature drops, thereby serving a dual purpose. Window blinds will also give you the opportunity to control your privacy, particularly if you have nosy neighbours. 

Roof blinds

We can provide you with conservatory blinds that reflect the heat, and placed either vertically or horizontally on your roof too, so you have dual coverage on the walls and on your roof, protecting you from the harmful rays of the sun when it’s at it’s hottest. 

A wide range of colours, fabrics and patterns

We have a range of blinds in some fantastic colours, so your window coverage matches the overall décor of your conservatory, whatever colour theme you’ve decide on. We can also provide patterns, texture and a wide variety of different fabrics. We can make them to measure so they’re a perfect fit for your conservatory, no matter the size or shape, whether it’s big or small.

Different blinds for different needs and tastes

You can have different types of conservatory blinds as well, whether that’s pleated, thermal, shaped or, as we’ve already discussed, roof blinds. We can also provide electric and motorised blinds too, so you won’t even have to get up from your chair to open and close them. This could also be an excellent choice if you have small children or your friends or family do. Small, mischievous hands can get anywhere and can often lead to accidents. By using electric motorised blinds, you can eliminate the need for any cords or wands to open and shut your blinds. 

Knightshades – for a versatile range of quality conservatory blinds

If you think you’d like to invest in some conservatory blinds for your home, take a look at our range and call us if you have any questions, we’re here to help. Don’t worry if you have a uniquely shaped conservatory or if you think it’s too large or small, we can accommodate most conservatories and we’ll work with you to create something you really want. 

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