Style and functionality for roof windows

Sky lights or roof windows are my favourite subject, so this post won’t be difficult at all. I mean what isn’t to like about lying in bed with your arms folded behind your head on a soft pillow, gazing up at the stars in the inky blackness of the sky. Well, alright perhaps we’ve sadly gone past the point of being able to see much in the sky, but that’s still no reason not have a roof window. 

Velux blinds - Stylish and functional

They are very stylish, but at the same time how do you provide good quality window coverage? After all, if you need complete darkness to sleep and you’ve got a long summer night ahead of you, then you may need to cover your roof window. Velux blinds are the answer, the coverage is complete when they’re closed, and they open up again so smoothly and easily.

A versatile range of Velux blinds and shutters with Knightshades

You’ll be wanting to monitor the light/glare/privacy without compromising on the lovely, clean, fresh airiness that a roof window provides. There is good news, and a solution in the form of Velux blinds. Here at Knightshades we have a versatile range of Velux blinds in a variety of colours and styles. If you still find it hard to sleep, we provide blackout coatings to block out all sunlight. This would work pretty well if you had young children too who can’t get off to sleep when it’s light, or for those who work night shifts and have to sleep during the day. 

They’re also extremely easy to clean and maintain so you won’t be spending time trying to pull them off, you can simply wipe them where they are. What’s more with Velux you get different types of blinds made the Velux way which can be pleated, roller, light dimming and blackout, which we’ve just mentioned, and they’re so smart and minimal, with such a snug fit you’ll be glad you bought them once you see them on your windows.

The best in roof window/skylight coverage – Velux blinds

Velux aren’t new but they are an extremely successful blind devised solely for roof windows. They provide the perfect snug fit and are both long-lasting and functional. These are so good they’ve won awards and you can have them as shutters not just as blinds. Velux blinds will give you heat protection, light control, elegance and style that will really complement any colour scheme or style you have going on in the room. 

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